Street events

The Laško Beer and Flowers Festival is also famous for its colourful street events! For the greatest legends, the events start just before dusk! This year, the “green family” of the Laško Brass Band, which combines the symbiosis of three sections and different generations, will be marching through the flowery streets.

Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Together with the Laško Brass Band Orchestra, the Laško Majorettes will provide dance moves, elegance and figure, while the Laško Drumming Group will provide the rhythm and heartbeat of the orchestra.

Tip: If you are a true legend, do not miss the closing event of the Laško Beer and Flowers Festival, the International Meeting of Brass Bands 2023, which will take place on Sunday, 16/07/2023 in the municipal courtyard.