It’s best to arrive by train

“The best and legendary festival-goers take the train! Take the challenge and come to the festival by train!”

Every legend knows that the greatest pleasure at a festival is to be able to enjoy the best beer without a care in the world, while being offered a world-class music experience in the most beautiful city of beer! You can get all this by taking the train to Laško.

Why do the greatest legends go to the festival by train?

  • Because the greatest legends don’t have to worry who is going to drive home, because Slovenian railways take care of that!
  • Because the greatest legends think sustainably and while walking through the decorated streets of the festival, with the best beer in their hand, they also think about a better tomorrow!
  • Because the greatest legends want accessibility, which the Beer and Flowers Festival offers at every turn, with less than 70 steps from the platform to the centre of everything!


one-day ticket + train ticket = 16 €
two-day ticket + train ticket = 24 €


* The train ticket is valid for the destination station Laško, for all return journeys from all railway stations and stops in Slovenia, 2nd class, local passenger train (LPV). For tickets that will be sold on the basis of a valid ticket (not as a package deal), a 75% discount is granted from the regular fare, for 2nd class, for a local passenger train (LPV) from any railway station and stop to Laško, 2nd class, a local passenger train.

Do you dare accept the challenge? Come to the Beer and Flowers Festival by train! Keep the enjoyment of good music, delicious beer and excellent cuisine in mind and make it responsible, sustainable and accessible. See you in Laško!