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Festival postponed until 2021

Sincere thanks for being a part of the most popular festival story in Slovenia. In order to ensure the safety of all participants, we decided to postpone the festival due to uncertain conditions. With a year and a half available for active preparations, we are confident that the 56th execution of Beer and Flowers Festival in the summer of 2021 will exceed all expectations. More information available here. Thank you for understanding. See you in Laško in the summer of 2021 for the next peak of summer.

Together to the top

Sincere thanks to all of you who let the festival Pivo in cvetje Laško become musical, social, and most of all entertaining peak of the summer. Our mission is to offer various contents that bring you back every year. Your huge support is our encouragement for the years to come. Festival Pivo in cvetje Laško 2020 is already in the making.

See you next year, right?

Čudovite cvetlične kreacije

Wonderful flowery creations

Horticultural artists from Laško have really mastered their craft. And this year we have to pay them a special tribute. Not only have they flowered-up the whole town, but they’ve also created three special, incredibly creative exhibitions that are really worthy of admiration.

Če nisi tu še nisi na vrhuncu novica

If you’re not here, you haven’t had your highlight yet

That’s why you need to come to Laško. We’ve prepared an unforgettable festival that will KEEP THIS SUMMER FOREVER IN YOUR MEMORY AND YOUR PHONE. Over 60 musical events, four stages, cultural, educational, sports events and entertainment for the whole family.

Letošnja novost bo na odru Laščan - Novica

Laščan stage welcomes a novelty

The municipal backyard will be the scene of an 80s party. An atmosphere we know as the golden age for music as well as for the most relaxed parties will be created by our DJ Pero who will spin you back to the eighties with his authentic disco music. But that’s not all, there will be a special show every day. Actually, twice a day! Get ready to see Single Ladies singing Beyonce on Thursday, Friday is dedicated to the Beatlemania – we will remember the pioneers of modern pop music with the Help, and Saturday will be the stage for melodies we could sing in our sleep – brace yourselves for AbbaMia. Ready to party yet?

Good to know

Over the course of four days, stages in Laško will host over 60 musical events, a variety of cultural programmes, and an attractive educational and entertainment programme for kids and family. True festival buffs can round up their festival experience by camping in Kamp Jagoče. This idylic location lies by the Savinja river and is just minutes away from the festival’s centre. The camping price during the festival will be just 25€. And as you know – you can visit Pivo in Cvetje Laško festival for free this year as well!

Line-up revealed!

Thank you for clicking and discovering musical performers on Zlatorog, Jubilejnik, and Malt stages. Now you know this year’s festival will be an extraordinary experience for all musical tastes. But of course there’s more to come! More news will be published shortly, but for now we want to share we’ve completely transformed the Laško multimedia symphony! Its date stays the same, so be ready on Saturday at 10 p.m., right next to the bridge across Savinja. More soon, stay tuned.

Voodoo Vegas – New video release

Energetic rockers coming from the south coast of England won’t let anyone ice-cold. They’ve become a fundamental part of biggest rock and metal events over the past few years, perhaps because of their uniqueness – there’s not many bands that have a sensational female lead guitarist. Fiery Meryl Hamilton always awes the crowd with a firm guitar sound, while the singer Lawrence Case delivers a fantastic rock show. Today they mark the release of Don’t Need Your Love, first single from their new album Feeling So Good.

Click and discover this year’s lineup!

The performers of this year’s festival can only be revealed by you! Simply click on covered cards and wait until the next day.

Changes in festival organisation team

This year, the festival’s organisation is in hands of STIK – Centre for Sports, Tourism, Information and Culture Laško, and is under the partnership of the town of Laško.